To and Fro

So I started writing a novel a while ago… and well I revamped my first chapter today and I actually really like it so I felt like sharing it on my blog that nobody reads 🙂

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To and Fro

Our Town

So I’m an actor.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that.

Very much an amateur.

Very much not that great.

But I’ve worked with some of the people of my generation who I think will one day become as famous and respected as Tom Cruise, or Benedict Cumberbatch. Or Sir Ian McKellen. Or Alan Rickman. Maybe one or two Rowan Atkinsons.

Actually that’d probably be me. Or maybe a Stephen Fry.

Except, as I said, I’m nothing to talk about.

But it is one of the most amazing parts of my life. And I feel like talking about what has been the pinnacle of my “career” thus far.

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Our Town

I should blog more…


It’s been a while since I posted… Which is just because life (or more to the point COLLEGE) is streessful and busy and blechhh…


So it’s coming up to midterms week now.

Oooooooooooh, big scary midterms, oooooooooooh!

Actually though it doesn’t seem to be that bad.

I have one. Just one. Out of the five classes I’m taking, two of which are 4-credit classes (SUPER-scary-stressful bastards), Only one class has a midterm. And that’s in Ancient and Medieval History.


Which is history.

Which is my favorite subject.

Yes, I’m a nerd 😛

ANYWAY, that’s my only midterm. So I don’t see what all the hype is about. Which is probably just because of the classes I’m taking and the professors’ choices and all that.

But still.

I’m happy.

Of course I do have an exam in my theater sound reinforcement class… Which is one of my four-credit courses, and this is the only test other than the final… But still, that’s my second favorite subject so I’m good 🙂

Am I smug?

I feel smug.

Smug IanDear god that’s an ugly picture…


Yay for me!

Okay, I’ll stop bragging now, I promise.


I should blog more…